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Lead generation is a common challenge for nearly all sales, marketing and management teams in every business. QSL also understands that a high volume of poor leads is a drain on resources, therefore our priority is to provide the highest quality rather than quantity. By focusing on quality, QSL enable your sales people to maximise their productivity and improve their closing ratios - winning you a larger amount of new business and market share.

Our focus is always on generating hot leads with prospects that have the correct sales drivers using our tried-and-tested sales methodologies. QSL are able to unearth pain points that align with your solution and position accordingly, ensuring the correct sales drivers are in place to progress along the sales cycle.  

Topics to consider for a successful leads campaign

  • Data - Our database experts will help guide you on the best available source, whether that be updating/cleansing your data, purchasing a data list or a custom database build using our research team. 
  • Profiling - Unless you understand your ideal prospect, a lot of time can be wasted calling the wrong person. QSL takes time to get in-depth understanding of your market, solution and the problems it's solves before we kick-start your campaign.
  • Prepared approach - Our team are experts delivering desired results across multiple geographies and sector verticals. We invest heavily to ensure we are knowledgeable about your products/services and quickly become an extension of your internal team using our tried-and-test sales methodology. 
  • Lead qualification: Whether it's uncovering interest or scheduling a sales appointment, QSL engage with key decision makers who have a genuine interest or requirement. QSL apply BANT (Budget, Authority, Need and Timeline) qualification matrix and offer full call recordings give you complete transparency. 

To find out more about our Lead Generation expertise call us on +44 (0)203 587 7500 

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Craig Gordon - General Manager (EMEA)

"Working with QSL has been a breath of fresh air compared to other lead generation agencies I have worked with in the past. Their team genuinely care about my business, really work together with my sales team and produced great results" 

Sector: Social Media Monitoring / SaaS Solution

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About Quality Sales Leads

Quality Sales Leads (QSL), is a B2B telemarketing and telesales expert based near Central London. QSL specialise in helping increase sales revenue and accelerate growth or market share for our clients.

"increase sales revenue and accelerate growth or market share"

We're passionate about cold calling and selling over the phone in the right way.  So whether you lack the skill-set, resource, infrastructure or inclination, QSL can execute effectively on a critical sales component to drive the results you desire, helping you achieve your strategic objectives. QSL integrate seamlessly within your operations, working in synergy to deliver optimal results. QSL has built a reputation as a pro-active and transparent telemarketing agency that builds long-term partnerships and delivers on their promises.

"consultative, solution orientated telemarketing and telesales expertise"

Our consultative, solution orientated telemarketing and telesales expertise have proven successful across multiple geographies (UK, BENLUX, DACH and N.America) and various sectors (IT hardware/software, Outsourcing, Consultancy, Creative and Digital, Video Production, SaaS, Further Education and many more).

"successful across multiple geographies (UK, EMEA & N.America) and various sectors"

QSL work with both private and public sector organisations, providing a range of strategic business development, telemarketing and integrated marketing services. Our knowledge, sales ethos and unique skill-set allow us to work in partnership with you to design, plan and execute a bespoke campaign to deliver the results you need as per our motto "opening doors, driving revenue"

"opening doors, driving revenue"

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